Gilmore Girls Quotation #5

22. november 2010 at 17:23 | Adelle |  quotation
O Lorelai
Max: Ona je tam s tebou, že jo?
Rory: Kdo? Ne.
Max: Jako kdybych ji teď slyšel štěkat.
Rory: Ne, to je jen divoký šakal, občas se tu potuluje.
Max: Ehm, tak mi dej toho šakala k telefonu.


Max: She's right there with you isn't she?
Rory: What? No.
Max: No, I thought I heard her bark.
Rory: No, that's just a wild jackal that hangs out here sometimes.
Max: Mm hmm. Put Cujo on the phone please



1 Mandy Mandy | Web | 22. november 2010 at 19:03 | React

Cujo :D:D:D:D

2 valleria valleria | Web | 27. november 2010 at 16:01 | React

To mě pobavilo :D :D

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